Useful downloads

Here is a variety of useful tools and programs which are either free to download and use or have free trial periods. They include security programs, utilities, performance and alternatives.

Click on the relevant icon to go to the manufacturers download page. Some of these downloads may have variations depending on which operating system you have - please make sure you select the option relevant to your set up.

The products listed here are all well known and trustworthy. If you find other similar products advertised on the net - beware. There are many 'free' anti-spyware products on the market which have very similar names and claim to do the job effectively. A great many are 'rip offs of legitimate products and are in fact known carriers of spyware/malware.

If in doubt - don't download! Check here for an informative list of known rogue products.



Free AVG anti-virus


Free AVG anti virus from Grisoft.




Free Avast! anti-virus


Free anti virus from Avast!.




Free AntiVir 6.0


Free Anti virus from H&BDev




Free Bitdefender AntiVirus


Bitdefender AntiVirus (scroll to BitDefender Free Edition 7)




Free Spybot - spyware removal tool


Free Spybot. Finds and destroys spyware on your PC.




Free AD-Aware - Spy and adware removal


Free AD-Aware. Finds and destroys spyware on your PC.




Free Zone alarm - firewall


Free Zonealarm firewall protection




Free Kerio - firewall


Free Kerio firewall protection




Spywareblaster - spyware prevention


Free Spyware blaster. Helps prevent spyware infection




Spyware guard - spyware removal


Free Spyware guard. Scans your system and removes spyware infection




Free Symantec security online check


Free Symantec security check. Online system scan.




Free Panda online scan and virus remover


Free Panda online scan and virus remover.




Internet & E-mail 


Free Mozilla Firefox browser


Free Mozilla Firefox browser




Free Mozilla Thunderbird E-mail


Free Mozilla Thunderbird E-mail




Free Mozilla browser & e-mail suite


Free Mozilla suite - Browser, E-mail




Opera browser


Free Opera browser (now ad free)




Free Pegasus E-mail


Free Pegasus e-mail client






Free Java download from Sun


Java from Sun.






Winzip - compression and zip utility. 21 day free trial




Free Zip genius


Free Zip genius - compression and zip utility.




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