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Hong Kong schools
British Forces schools British Forces sites
Members' sites
People finders
Hong Kong sites

Hong Kong schools
Island school alumni (NEW)
Official Island School Alumni Assoc.(NEW)
Island school alumni (OLD)
Unofficial Island school alumni site (OLD)
KGV Alumni
KGV former pupils association
International school
Alumni site
Dragon train
International school - former 1970's students
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British forces schools
TACA - The Army Children Archive
Chronicling the history of British army children. Very worthwhile read.
British forces education services - Service children's education
Forces kids group
Yahoo group for british forces brats
Far east forces kids group
Yahoo group for british forces far east brats
Forces kids group
MSN group for british forces brats
Far East forces kids group
MSN group for british forces far east brats
EX British Forces kids association
Bourne school - Malaya
Yahoo group for this school
Changi school - Singapore
Site for Changi memories by Tony Harris
Cornwall school - Dortmund
Age restricted Yahoo group for this school
Edinburgh school - Munster
Yahoo group for this school
Kings school - Gutersloh
Yahoo group for this school
Khormaksar School - Aden
Ex student site
Prince Rupert school - Rinteln
Yahoo group for this school
Ex Laarbruch brats
Yahoo group for this school
Rhine middle school - Laarbruch
Yahoo group for this school
Queens school - Rheindahlen
Another Queens school site
Sek Kong survivors
MSN group includes Hong Kong primary schools
Singapore schools
Covers all Singapore forces schools
Slim school - Malaya
School site
Slim school - Malaya
Yahoo group for this school
Windsor school - Hamm
Yahoo group for this school (members only)
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British forces sites
Royal Navy
MOD Royal Navy site
Navy news
Online magazine
MOD Army site
Online magazine
Royal Air Force
MOD RAF site
Royal Marines
Royal Marines reunion site
Royal Air Force association
R.N. submariners association
Axford's abode
Naval stuff
Royal Navy association
Royal Navy - Lascaris
For those who served in Malta
Jenny Wrens
WRNS site
British Forces Germany site
Forces reunited
Find old service mates
Forces missing you
Forces section of missing
Royal British Legion
Royal British Legion site
Armed Forces friends
National Ex-Services Association
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Members' sites
Helen & Siggi's Paphos site
A plug for my cousin Helen's apartment. Available for holiday bookings
Tess Boddy's web design site
Frank Beecham's site
Family and SGS features (password needed - obtainable from Frank)
Paul Edwick's site
SGS photos and forums
Lindsay Pennell's pages
Personal site
Aaron & Adam Fothergill's games site
Amanda Last's site
Airbrushing art work
Andy McDade's page
Brenda Boase's site
Fetish fashion (adult content)
Stuart Fraser's site
Multimedia solutions
Darren Cox's site
Media recording studio
Clarke family
Kevin Clark's family site
Mark Farbus' site
Hong Kong photos
Gordon Bowes' site
John Hardy's Gastropods
Hardy’s Internet Guide to Marine Gastropods
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People finders
Includes electoral roll
Internet address finder
'Pay for' services and record searches (US)
Look up UK
Extensive search facilities
Mesa e-mail search
E-mail address finder
Lycos people search (US)
Yahoo search
Person search
Friends reunited
'nuff said
International classmate finder
Lost schoolfriends
Similar to FR
Old schoolmates
UK only but includes links to expat sites
Lost friends & colleagues
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Hong Kong links
Yahoo Hong Kong
Discover Hong Kong
Hong Tourism board
Cathay Pacific
Information, flight booking
Airport site
Airport information
HK travel information
Travel and hotel information
Hong Kong jobs
Job opportunities
Hong Kong Daily
Hog Kong radio
Live radio stations
South China Morning Post
Hong Kong Standard newspaper
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