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Picture of Ian (Vicar) Maw 1978 Here is just a very brief autobiography of the webmaster, Ian Maw - otherwise known as 'Vicar'.

I joined the sixth form at the school in 1976 after moving to H.K. when my late father, a Royal Navy Fleet Chief, was posted to H.M.S. Tamar for three years.

After initial reservations about going back to school,( I had just finished my secondary education in Plymouth and was looking forward to a bit of a break). I soon found that this was no ordinary school. For a start, sixth formers were allowed to smoke on the common room patio!

A great deal of freedom and a very relaxed atmosphere made it almost pleasurable. The common room record player (those things before CD's) worked overtime to the strains of 70's heavy rock whilst various activities took place... like the slightly illegal card school. There was also the slightly illegal lunch time drinks at the N.A.A.F.I. bar across the road at Osbourne Barracks.

Having been educated to an employable standard, I left SGS in 1978 and began working for the H.K Government at Police headquarters, Arsenal Street (handily opposite the China Fleet Club). Later in 1978 when my parents returned to UK., I moved from our Navy quarters in Happy Valley to one of the Government flats in Ho Man Tin, Kowloon.

I said farewell to H.K in late 1980 and returned to Plymouth, but not finding much to keep me there, I moved to London and joined the Metropolitan police where I mainly served at Kilburn NW6.

I married in 1984 and our first daughter Kerry was born in May 1985.

In 1987 I transferred to Sussex police and we moved to Brighton. Our second daughter Katie was born in May 1988.

We divorced in the mid 90's and I moved to Newhaven, just outside Brighton.

Anna and I met some time after and we were married in November 2000.

Our son, Alex was born in February 2005

I retired from the police in 2006 and now work as a minibus driver at a private girls school in brighton.

Anna and I separated in 2012 and I'm currently living the single life in Seaford, Sussex, although soon to move again.

Way back in 2000, having reached forty, I thought a lot about the old days and set about trying to contact some of the old reprobates. This proved to be difficult as there didn't appear to be any information on the school since it closed and resources were rare.

Picture of Ian (Vicar) Maw 2002 Thinking that there probably others like me also looking, I decided the web would be a good place to start and decided to have a go at building a small site.

The initial idea was to take the site down once contact had been made. I didn't realise how much interest the site would generate and was staggered when when more and more people were signing up. As the result of this, I decided then, to keep the site going - and here we are today!

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